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We thank you for supporting the arts on Kent Island!  

Be a One-Time Donor or a Sustaining Member Via Pay Pal Here!

Or you may prefer the traditional method and simply write us a check or credit card and give it to us in person or mail it to our office. 

Make Monthly Contributions by Bank (Our preferred method)
Please become a Sustaining Member by making monthly contributions. Making contributions of $10, $20, or $25 per month is relatively painless for most of us. This amounts to an annual contribution to KIFA of $120, $240 or $300,
respectively. This will add up fast, and all of these contributions will go a long way in restoring the Art House and supporting KIFA’s mission. If you can contribute more, it speeds up the process even quicker. If only 20 people contribute $25 a month for 2 years, it will add up to $12,000. Imagine what we could do with that! We know our members can do it! Set up an automatic payment with your bank today!

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