The Pink Art House Wish List

KIFA is a Maryland Non-Profit and we appreciate donations and donations in kind.

We need....

8 1/2 x 11 White printer paper

Bamboo Luncheon Plates

Bamboo Forks, Spoons and Knives

Printer Ink- Please call 410-643-7424 to find out which ink is needed

Navy Volunteers Help With Restoration Work at KIFA, August 25, 2018       Photo courtesy R. Placek

​​​How Can You Help KIFA?

There is a new energy at KIFA, and many, many plans to encourage its growth and expand its mission and outreach. Please help us, the dedicated volunteers who have worked so hard for years, the newer members who bring such enthusiasm and skill, and the future members we will gain as we reach more of our community. Thank you so much for your support!

We have so many choices for you to make a real difference.  You can help fulfill KIFA’s mission and “Keep Art Alive” on Kent Island and in the surrounding communities.

Be a One-Time Donor or a Sustaining Member Via Pay Pal Here!

Or you may prefer the traditional method and simply write us a check or credit card and give it to us in person or mail it to our office. 

Make Monthly Contributions by Bank
(Our preferred method)
Please become a Sustaining Member by making monthly contributions. Making contributions of $10, $20, or $25 per month is relatively painless for most of us. This amounts to an annual contribution to KIFA of $120, $240 or $300,
respectively. This will add up fast, and all of these contributions will go a long way in restoring the Art House and supporting KIFA’s mission. If you can contribute more, it speeds up the process even quicker. If only 20 people contribute $25 a month for 2 years, it will add up to $12,000. Imagine what we could do with that! We know our members can do it! Set up an automatic payment with your bank today!.

Our Registry Wish List
Visit and type in KIFA Stevensville to see our wish list of items that will help us achieve our goals. You can purchase a gift card, or a specific item. Just follow the instructions on the website. These gift cards will buy some of these listed items.

Wish List Both Practical and Dreamy

Cool stuff and hot stuff!  $6,493 is the cost for a new heat pump and heating and cooling upgrades for Second Floor. These upgrades will make it possible to rent three artists’ studios bringing as much as $900 per month.  Payback is in 7 months, and then it’s all positive cash flow after that.

Insulate 3rd floor attic – what a way to save on utility bills!!!  $350 should do it.

Paint our peak, pick your color for a $250 donation.

Replace old painted shut windows with thermopane energy efficient ones.  Toastier!  $275 per window.

Light us up with LED in office, more outlets on every floor.  $1,000.  ALREADY PAID FOR BY ANONYMOUS DONOR!  

Ditch witch deal…Run underground power and water to shed and front yard sign and gardens for $1,150.

Power wash house and repaint for $4,500.

Don’t let us be rotten….Replace rotted fascia and soffit in front entrance.  $400 should do it!

Stop Rocky Raccoon!!!  Replace rotted exterior northwest corner of roof.  That is where Rocky Raccoon got in last winter.  Let’s keep him and his friend Sammy Squirrel out this winter.  Just $850 will keep them out.

Stairway to heaven….be a saint!  Fund a power wash of exterior stairs with bleach to kill mildew, and repaint.  $375

Sponsor a course in woodworking by artist Tom Yates.  $350 and you get in free.  Carve a ships figurehead for your pirate ship.

Be exhausted!  Two 3rd floor exhaust fans for windows.  Total just $78.

Regrade parking lot, add pea gravel, mark parking spaces.  $1,700. 

New shingles on main house.  Look at them.  Could you live with those worn out old things on your house?  $4,600

Victorian light and sink for downstairs bathroom.  It just had fresh paint, so please help us finish it.  $340

Rehab the upstairs bathroom with functional fixtures so the artists can clean their brushes, etc. and get rid of that awful broken heater.  $400

New KIFA Sign Campaign for front yard.  Help get us going to achieve funds for eye catching sign.  Increments of $200 for potential goal of $2500.

7 pieces of cedar siding.  That’s all we need to finish the job of replacing rotten siding…check out the backside of house if you don’t believe us!  $200

Drain us!  Finish the drain work at front of house.  Just $50.  All ready paid for by Donors Maureen & Dan Wheatley and Sullivan Financial!

Unrestricted Gift.  Let KIFA put it towards a high priority item from above.

We thank you very much for your generosity!

Donate Your Time and Talent
Just a few hours one time, or a few hours a month, lightens the load, encourages camaraderie, and brings new energy and exciting ideas to KIFA.

Please sign up at our events or contact the office. Suggested activities, depending on your interest, include:

1) Being a docent to extend the gallery’s open hours, 2) Helping with staging a gallery show, 3) Providing small amounts of food for our volunteer helpers, receptions or events, 4) Tackling an organizational project as we make
improvements to the house, 5) Asking potential donors and sponsors for their help, 6) Physically being present to help at events, such as Gallery Receptions, the famous Quarter Auction, and more, 7) Sharing your artistic talents—submit
a proposal to teach a class, 8) Identifying grant opportunities and writing grant
proposals, and so much more!

And don’t forget Amazon “Smile”
Shopping through the “Smile” is a program that makes donations to KIFA as your favorite charity at no extra cost to you.

Thank you so much for your support!