Kent Island Federation of Arts

Our KIFA Volunteers are our 'life blood'.  They are crucial in helping us provide art education and experiences which are highly valuable to this community. 
 If you think you'd like to volunteer with KIFA a few hours a month, please contact us by calling 410.643.7424 or email us at

Making a difference, caring deeply about art, responding to the call of service, having fun, using or developing a new skill, and getting involved in your  community - these are just a few of the reasons why folks volunteer at KIFA*

Our Committees  
Adult & Children Education
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*You must be at least 18 years old and a KIFA member to volunteer.


We are in need of a few docents.  We would love to have these shifts covered:  Any Saturday of the month from 10-1, the fourth Wednesday of the month, 1-4, the second Thursday of the month, 1-4 and the second Friday of the month, 1-4.

 If you know anyone who is interested in volunteering a mere 3 hours per month, please have them call the office!