Sandy Cohen                     Mariner                                                          Best in Show

Amy Maddox                     Hula                                                                    1st Place Water media

Nancy O’Brien                   Fishing Buddies                                             2nd Place Water media

Christine Rapa                   Charlie’s Day Out                                        1st Place Oil/Acrylic

Anne Singer                       Maddie in the Too Tight Dress                 2nd Place Oil/Acrylic

Laura Era                              Brae                                                                    1st Place Dry Media

Dennis Young                    Emily                                                                   2nd Place Dry Media

Kathryn Ellis                        Sadie                                                             Honorable Mention

Maggie Hui Cao                 Jena                                                              Honorable Mention

Martha Holthausen         His New Slicker                                              Honorable Mention

Judy Specht                        Angels’ Charge – Ps 91:11                           Honorable Mention

Scott Sullivan                     Casey - Figure Study                                     Honorable Mention


2018 Best In Show, Mariner, Sandy Cohen                

January 24 - February 24, 2018

An Open Judged Show in Celebration of the Human Form”

Kent Island Federation of Arts