Kent Island Federation of Arts



BEST IN SHOW                                                           #107      Rust In Peace                                     Paul Placek



                FINE ART              1st                                   #166      Mallard – Abstract                           Marie York

                                                2nd                                 #143      The Perfect Storm Clouds            Dale Hall

                                                Hon Men                         #119      O-G-S-T                                               Chris Jewett


                EDITORIAL           1ST                                  #133      Riding White Sands                         George Sass

                                                2nd                                    #138      Peek A Boo                                       Barbara Gilbert

                                                Hon Men                         #156      Splish Splash Common Loon      Kim Cover



                FINE ART              1ST                                   #122      Wine Study                                         Nicholas Witt

                                                Hon Men                         #121      The Bottom of the Stairs               Nicholas Witt


                EDITORIAL           1ST                                  #107      Rust In Peace                                     Paul Placek

                                                2nd                                    #150      Smith Island Scraper                     Karen Ostrowski

                                                Hon Men                         #108      This Old House                               Paul Placek

                                                Hon Men                       #104      Don’t Fence Me In                        Rebecca Placek



                                                1st                                       #171      Kitty                                                      Naomi Schrader

                                                Hon Men                         #173      Orchid In The Window                Naomi Schrader


KIFA Guidelines:
All work must be original, created within the last two years, not previously 
shown at KIFA, and must not infringe upon any copyright.  
No reproductions accepted.  

Sculptures must include their own base or fit on a KIFA pedestal.  
Sculpture artists must be prepared to assist in placing their work in the gallery.  
Maximum size including base: 6’ high x 3’ wide and deep.  
2-D works must be dry, suitably framed, wired and ready to hang.  
No sawtooth hangers.  
(Artwork not wired properly will not be accepted.)  
All works on paper must be under glass.  No exposed glass edges. Maximum size framed varies by show.  Please see appropriate prospectus for sizes.  KIFA reserves the right to reject works deemed unsuitable. All entered works must remain on display through the end of the show. Reasonable care will be taken to ensure the safety of your artwork. 
KIFA is not liable for loss or damage to artwork.

KIFA's commission on all sales is 25%. KIFA reserves the right to use 
images of the winning artwork for up to eighteen months.  

Please contact KIFA for more information at


June 28 - July 29, 2017

Our Judge
Mark Hendricks   

Mark is an award winning wildlife and conservation photographer and writer. A former marine mammal biologist and animal rescuer, he uses his camera as a storytelling tool for conservation issues. Current work focuses on the diverse habitats of the Chesapeake Bay watershed. His images
appeared in “Nature Photographer”, “The Maryland Natural Resource”, “National Parks Travel”, “Africa Geographic” and others. His first book, “Natural Wonders of Assateague Island” will be released this June and Mark will have a release party here at KIFA!