Watercolor Painting 
with Stacey Sass
Starts Thursday, January 25

​3 - 5 pm.
4 sessions:  $110 members/$135 non members

Beginning and intermediate levels.
Basic skills and advanced techniques will be taught. 

Since retiring as a school art teacher, Stacey has been
teaching at both Maryland Hall and KIFA. She has been
active in plein air events, and has received awards and
recognition for her watercolor works.

(If you cannot attend one of the classes during the session,
there will be a make-up class on February 22nd)                                                                                              


Winter Sundays Pencil Drawing

with Judy Wolgast

 intaglio printmaker and watercolorist of native


January through March 2018

 Three 2-hour sessions of basic skills for both the beginner and those seeking to further their abilities.  Direction for homework assignments as desired.


JANUARY 7, 14, 21  3:00-5:00 PM

“Wish I Could Draw”


Through a series of exercises (line, shape and form), learn techniques that will enable you to draw what you see and feel.


FEBRUARY 4, 11, 18  3:00-5:00 PM

“Drawing What You See”

Animal & Still Life

How to shade and tone, and record detailed observations with proportions and measurements.


MARCH 4, 11, 18  3:00-5:00 PM

“Exploring Outdoor Subjects”

Personal Photographs

How to select and find interesting elements, learn the properties of pencils, layering for darker tones and applying graphite powder.




Members                   $20 per class                                                    $45 per session (3 classes)                  

Youth Members         $9 per class                                                      $25 per session (3 classes)


Non-Members      $30 per class                                                           $70 per session (3 classes)                 

 ​Sign up for the month or drop in for a class!



*Sketch book or sheets (medium weight 50-60 lb), 9’x12” or larger

*Newsprint, pad or sheets, 9”x12” or larger

*Sharpener and/or pocket knife

*Kneaded eraser

*Lap board (masonite or stiff cardboard), about 12”x16”

*Pencils, wood or mechanical with leads:  6B, 2B, H, 2H, 4H and 6H (or similar range from hard to soft). Do not recommend Derwent.

Tracing paper, few sheets

Blending stump

Brushes, small with short bristles


Materials needed to get started are marked(*).

Members can receive 25% off for a single item once a month at Art Things in Annapolis. Email for a coupon.



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