Workshop:  Acrylics / Oils / Pastels

Open Studio Painting

with Dave Grafton
Beginning July 27,  Thursdays from 1-3:30pm

4 sessions:   $125 Members/$145 Non-Members
Drop In:  $35/class Members

                  $40/class Non-Members

Independent study focusing on individual's skills and


A very accomplished painter in varying media, Dave will be 

conducting a weekly open studio at KIFA. Dave is truly an

elegant painter. His contemporary art renderings of classical

landscapes creates images of universal appeal. He has the 

insight to pull out the essence in the landscape so that it has

its own sense of place.

Students provide their own materials and must have some               

experience painting, even as a beginner. Materials list send

upon registration. Students may begin classes at any time.

Workshop: Watercolor Painting 
with Stacey Sass
4 sessions:  $110 members/$135 non members

Beginning and intermediate levels.
Basic skills and advanced techniques will be taught. 

Since retiring as a school art teacher, Stacey has been
teaching at both Maryland Hall and KIFA. She has been
active in plein air events, and has received awards and
recognition for her watercolor works.

(If you cannot attend one of the classes during the session,
there will be a make-up class)


Workshop: An Introduction to EcoPrints 
with Sandy Sapienza and Anne McLaughlin

Saturday, September 23

10am - 3pm

$85 members/$105 non-members  (or do both

                     EcoPrint workshops -

                     $160 members/$200 non-members)

Discover the hidden beauty in plant life through Contact

Printing with Techniques of pressure, heat and "green"

chemistry to print the tannis occurring naturally in plant

material. No ink or paint is used, rather exploring basic

techniques for printing on both fabric and paper. The

method of fabricating and immerging flat and rolled

bundles with natural materials produces fascinating

imagery.  An assortment of plant material such as leaves,

flowers, grasses and other foliage, especially leaves rich

in tannin yields exciting results! 

Bring a pencil, lunch/snacks/drinks, and a hat and jacket

for working outside at times.

Workshop: EcoPrints Embellishing
with Sandy Sapienza and Anne McLaughlin

Saturday, November 11

10am - 3pm

$85 members/$105 non-members  (or do both 

                     EcoPrint workshops - 

                     $160 members/$200 non-members)

Experimenting with artistic techniques for adding layering

of texture and richness is achieved through embroidery,

sewing, beading and inclusion of sequins, studs, transfer foil,

collage, highlighting and addition of drawing, painting and

perhaps even calligraphy!

You may bring other artwork to embellish, and you can also

create an eco print. Bring any favorite ornamental material.

All art enthusiasts - no embellishment experience necessary!

Bring a pencil, lunch/snacks/drinks, and a hat and jacket

for working outside at times.


$160 Members

$200 Non-Members




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